Enterprise history

1. Zhongshan Jiali Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on March 8, 1994. The company was formerly a Sino-foreign joint venture, formerly known as Zhongshan Jiali Beauty and Skin Care Products Co., Ltd., and the Chinese investor Mr. Xi Weiwei completed the foreign exchange on January 17, 2001. The acquisition of all the shares of the company, accounting for 100% of the company's shares, was successfully transformed into a wholly Chinese-owned enterprise, and Mr. Xi Weiwei served as the chairman and general manager. Mainly engaged in the production and processing of hair dye, shampoo, perm and other hairdressing products.

2. Minutes of important corporate events:
A. Zhongshan Jiali Beauty and Skin Care Products Co., Ltd. was established on March 8, 1994.
c. In 1995, it won the Gold Award for the product of the Fourth World Women's Conference.
b. In 1996, it was awarded the company's first special cosmetic approval by the Ministry of Health, and successfully produced the first batch of hair dyes and put it on the market.
D. In September 1997, a color hair dyeing cream suitable for Asian hair was successfully developed and put on the market.
E. In September 2000, he participated in the professional line beauty expo for the first time, and explored the way of enterprise transformation, with initial results.
F. In September 2001, he participated in the Professional Line Beauty Expo in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. On the premise of ensuring the high quality of the products, he created the lowest price of 60ML of professional hair dyeing cream, which caused a stir among distributors across the country. At this point, the company has officially transformed successfully and entered the professional line hairdressing product market in an all-round way.
g. In July 2002, the leaders of the company decided to set up a sales branch in Guangzhou Lihao Building, responsible for the sales and services of professional line hairdressing products.
H. In August 2002, the hair dyeing cream packaging material production department was established-the aluminum tube workshop, and 2 new aluminum tube production lines for dyeing cream were purchased to realize the supporting services for dyeing cream production.
i. In May 2003, the company successfully developed the technology of filling hair dyeing cream in aerosol cans, filling the domestic technical gap, and produced the first aerosol canning dyeing cream produced by a Chinese enterprise, creating the highest agent price threshold for hair dyeing cream products in the industry. From July to December of the same year, our company joined hands with Mr. SUIKI, the leader of the hairdressing industry, and our technical team, to hold a national tour demonstration for aerosol cans of hair dye, which caused a huge shock in the hairdressing industry across the country.
J. In May 2004, our company's first high-quality and ultra-low price dyeing cream entered the market, which caused a great price competition of hair dyeing products in the market, and really made dyeing products into the era of quantification. In the same year, our company launched more than 15 high-quality dyes and pastes at one time in September, and quickly expanded from more than 200 distributors to more than 1,000 in a short period of time, achieving the annual channel expansion goal. In August of the same year, in the steady development, in order to better meet the supply of the market, the garden-style industrial plant officially started construction.
K. 2005 is the second development stage of Jiali, integrating resources, attracting a large number of talents from all walks of life, and improving the construction of enterprise framework structure. In December, with the cheers of leaders at all levels in the town and merchants from all over the country, the garden-style workshop was completed and put into use.
L. In March 2006, it passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification of American AQA company.
M. In 2006, Jiali entered the stage of market-oriented sales and large-scale production, and increased scientific research strength in terms of products. In August, a high-quality alternative to cold ironing (biochemical ironing) was developed. Sales in the market are booming. In the same year, the company also made great adjustments to its products. It was market-oriented and focused on quality innovation. In 2006, it made a qualitative leap.