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Instructions for use of Jiali dye cream

Instructions for use of beauty dye cream
Skin Test:
Skin sensitivities are not common, but sometimes occur in some clients who are not allergic to hair products, so testing should be done 24 to 48 hours before coloring. Wash the skin on the inside of the elbow or the skin behind the ear with mild soap and dry it, mix a small amount of beauty dye and hydrogen peroxide, and apply the dye on the washed skin. Let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. If the skin is not red, swollen or itchy, you can continue to dye your hair.
Preparation and deployment:
*Remember to wear gloves.
*Do not shampoo, apply directly to dry hair.
1. Dye deep/same degree
*mixing ratio: 1+1, that is: 1 part of dye paste + 1 part of 6% hydrogen peroxide
*Applying skills: apply from the root to the hair a little bit (as shown in the picture on the right))
*Parking time:
     *Natural parking no less than 30 minutes
     *Far infrared heating time is halved
2. Dye light
*Allocation ratio
*Stem and hair: 1+1, that is: 1 part of dye cream + 1 part of hydrogen peroxide
*Hair roots: 1+1, namely: 1 part of dye cream + 1 part of hydrogen peroxide
*Applying skills: secondary casting (as shown in Figure 1-2 on the right)
*Parking time (refer to the table below)
Effect required Hydrogen peroxide concentration Natural Parking Time Examination time
Stain light I degree 6%

1. Hair stems/hair slightly no less than 30 minutes

2. Hair root 10-25 minutes

1. Hair stems and tips: halved

2. Hair roots: halved

2-3 degrees lighter 9%
More than 3 degrees lighter 12%
Remarks: Use hydrogen peroxide that is slightly stronger than the hair root on the hair stem and hair, and the dyeing effect is better.
3. White hair coverage (refer to the table below)
White hair ratio Amount of base color for target color Amount of target color 6% hydrogen peroxide Parking time
0-30% 0 copies 1 serving 1 serving *Natural parking for no less than 50 minutes
*Heating for no less than 25 minutes
30--50% 1 serving 2 copies 3 copies
50-100% 1 serving 1 serving 2 copies
Remarks: 6% hydrogen peroxide must be used to cover white hair
4. Bleaching or soft complementary color
Use soft color to white hair or bleached hair, 9 to 10 degrees of Jiali dyeing cream is the most suitable for soft color complementary color。
a)Bleaching hair to half a shade lighter than desired.
b) Adjust the selected color tone to 6% beauty hydrogen peroxide milk in the ratio of 1+1.
c) Cast once from the root to the end of the hair.
d) Refer to the parking schedule.
    TIP: For an even result, comb through your hair frequently with a wide-tooth comb during the rest time.
    Tips: After rinsing and dyeing hair, use post-dye care products to neutralize the dyeing effect and protect the hair before continuing to do soft coloring.
5. The application of color adjustment
Beauty Paste Tint and Pure Tone Pigment, used to enhance the Gorgeous Paste shade, or correct unwanted shades.
Defence: adding 1-15cm of color mixing to each 30 grams of Jiali dyeing paste will achieve different hair dyeing effects. In order to achieve a particularly deep color effect, a ratio of 1:1 can be used. (one belle dye cream plus one belle coloring)
The mixing ratio of color mixing (please refer to the table below)
Depth Choose a color Coloring Darkness Choose a color Coloring /td>
11   2cm 6   5cm
10   1cm 5   6-10 cm
9 1/2 stick 2cm 4 1/2 stick 7-10 cm
8   3cm 3   8-15 cm
7   4cm 2   9-15cm
6. Hair color balanced coating method
If the color of the hair stem and hair tip needs to be complemented, add water to the hair after the hair root rests for a period of time, and after emulsification Comb the dye onto the stems and tips of the hair. Park for 5 minutes. If the hair color is highly faded, we recommend treating it with the bath coloring technique.
7. Washing and care after dyeing
a) When the rest time is up, add a little warm water to the hair, rub it gently to emulsify the hair dye, then rinse thoroughly wash.
b)Wash gently with a mild conditioner.
c) Neutralize and stabilize the dyeing effect with post-dye care products to reduce the fading effect.
Household Products
    Customers are advised to choose post-dye household products to ensure bright hair color after dyeing.

For professional use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse immediately. Wear suitable gloves when handling. Hair dye may cause allergic reactions. It is very important to use dye creams safely to avoid health effects. Do not dye your hair in the following situations:

1. Customers who are known to have allergic reactions to the dye cream.
2. Customers with red, swollen, damaged or allergic skin.

Please read the product instruction manual carefully. Keep away from children. Do not soak your hair immediately before or after coloring. Do not use this product after using metallic hair dye. Dye your hair according to the prescribed time, and do not exceed the prescribed time. Wash your hair thoroughly after coloring. Rinse immediately if dye cream spills on skin or clothing. Excessive perspiration can cause the dye to spread and contaminate clothing. The two doses should be used immediately after mixing, do not use leftover or stored dye cream. Throw away the dye that has been mixed and not used up. If you feel irritation, burning, rash, etc. after dyeing your hair, stop using it immediately and rinse with lukewarm water immediately. If coloring your hair again, ask your doctor before use to avoid harm.

*If you have any technical questions, please contact the Rolis Technical Department

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