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Warmly celebrate Zhongshan Jiali Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully passed the ISO9001:2008, GMPC and ISO22716 certification of SGS




As China's leading hairdressing product supplier, Zhongshan Beauty's operation system has passed the audit of SGS, the world's largest third-party audit agency, and officially obtained the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. This certification not only means that Zhongshan Jiali has a high-quality management system recognized in the world, and can provide users with more perfect products and after-sales service. At the same time, with the quality certification system being accepted by more and more countries and regions in the world today, Zhongshan Beauty has obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification, which is like a passport to the world, and will contribute to the global development of Zhongshan Beauty. Strategy plays a positive role in promoting! This also shows that Zhongshan Jiali has advanced management level and strong market competitiveness, and at the same time reflects that Zhongshan Jiali is committed to ensuring excellent product quality and good customer service in the process of developing and producing high-quality hairdressing products. The implementation of ISO system certification by Zhongshan Jiali Company also reflects Zhongshan Jiali's pursuit of further standardized operation, enhancement of corporate image and quality reputation, continuous improvement, with the goal of effectively safeguarding the interests of customers and promoting the long-term healthy development of the enterprise. The business philosophy .
      The ISO9001 standard is a series of standards on quality management and quality assurance issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987 and used worldwide. At present, this series of standards is the most common international standard in the world, and the certification of ISO9001 also has extensive and profound influence around the world. As the world's largest international standardization organization, a series of management and quality standards designated by ISO are recognized as authoritative standards in the world. Obtaining ISO certification not only means the quality of the product is qualified, but also means that the enterprise has a high degree of credibility, which is a symbol of international reputation. The fact that Zhongshan Jiali can obtain the quality management system certification undoubtedly proves its strong strength.
      ISO standards have an impact on the promotion of corporate economic growth, international trade, and values. Starting from the establishment of the company's strategic vision, it can effectively control all aspects of improving the corporate structure and the company's value chain, thereby improving Competitiveness and service level of the industry. For Zhongshan Jiali, internationalization and high-quality products have always been an important part of the strategic steps, and quality control and process management standards have played a crucial role in practical work. For each department, how to measure the quality of work and communicate well with standards and responsibility also play a very good role. Passing the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification this time is a starting point for Zhongshan Jiali. In the future, under the guidance of SGS, through the formulation of standards, Zhongshan Jiali will strengthen the scientific, standardized and standardized management of sales and service processes. Continuously improve the ability of product development, sales and service to achieve the ultimate goal of improving service levels. Being able to obtain international authoritative certification is another landmark event for Zhongshan beauties to gain international recognition. In the future, Zhongshan Jiali will further strengthen the service system, systematically understand user needs through the network information platform, continuously improve service quality, bring more differentiated exclusive services to customers, and effectively meet more needs of customers.