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E-Commerce Industry Trends




E-commerce has been booming in recent years, and cosmetics are the main category of online shopping. Survey data shows that my country's cosmetics market is nearly 130 billion yuan, which is the third largest cosmetics consumer market in the world. Under the condition of mature online shopping environment, the online sales amounted to 13 billion yuan according to the proportion of 10%. Compared with the representative B2Cs such as Vanke Eslite in the clothing industry, Red Kids in the mother and baby industry, and Haolemai and Letao for shoes, there is no strong B2C in cosmetics. Compared with the huge market capacity, this is somewhat strange.
      E-commerce talent is becoming more and more scarce. Many traditional cosmetics companies have recently been recruiting e-commerce general managers, operations directors, Taobao store managers and other e-commerce talents, but for the main offline channels, online sales are still a supplement. In the era of online shopping, traditional brands can interact with the Internet to obtain the needs of brand users, and carry out fast and effective marketing activities such as new product development and trial. The cost of B2C brand promotion is high, and it is not as effective as the traffic in Taobao. It is reported that Zhongshan Jiali Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is also preparing to explore e-commerce. If you want to make hairdressing products in e-commerce, you must actively deploy in the coming e-commerce era. , It should be transformed to the development of consumer needs and extended to the server side.