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Perm, perm is one of the basic methods to beautify hairstyle, divided into physical perm and chemical perm, now the most used is chemical perm

There are actually two purposes of perm: to make the hair richer (with a curly effect); to change the shape and direction of the hair (the curl is not very effective). The basic process of perm is divided into two steps, the first step It breaks the sulfide bonds and hydrogen bonds in the hair through chemical reactions; the second step is to restructure and stabilize the hair core.

When perming, the hair cannot withstand the flow temperature above 80°C, and the flow temperature during blowing cannot exceed 120°C. After the temperature is exceeded, the fibrous keratin that makes up the hair will be denatured, causing the hair to expand and break , the scales fall off, resulting in discoloration, breakage, loss of elasticity and loss of luster. Damaged hair should not be dyed frequently.

In everyday life, hair is seen as an ornament. Throughout history, people have been looking for ways to curl their hair. The development of perm and perm tools is inextricably linked. It can be said that the development of perm tools has promoted the development of perm.
In the 1990s, ceramic ironing was invented in South Korea, and then spread to Japan, from Japan to Taiwan, and finally to mainland China. This is a rather long process. Ceramic ironing has been popular until the early 21st century.